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Hope For Sayward

This is SAYWARD, this is HOPE!! Donate at:

Her story is below:

Hello, everyone! We want to inform you all of what is currently happening. Sayward has been diagnosed with cancer again for a third time, (she is 39 years old, married to her husband Bill for 16 years and has two children, Cade is 16 and Kelyn is 7) she was diagnosed with melanoma in 2014, colon cancer in 2016 and now it has metastasized to her liver. We are raising funds to send her to a cancer treatment center. Time is VERY important. The center that she plans to attend requires her to have right at $50K before she gets her confirmed arrival date. We are looking for a miracle here, we know God is in control. At this time, with her medical history, she needs a larger, stronger support team and that is why we are reaching out for help. Her journey is not over! She will, one day, have a great testimony to share about the path that God has led her on. We are so grateful to those that can support her with donations and if you are unable to, please keep her and her family in your prayers, for that will be a huge blessing right now. Much love and blessings! Quick link to donate via paypal:

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